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Beta Applications Are Closed.

We’re overwhelmed by the positive responses we’ve received thus far, but after a few weeks, we have closed the applications for the Beta Program.

We will be reading through all the entries and carefully choosing, soon.

Thanks for being patient with us.

Winter One Beta Program

How it works:

If you’re selected for the beta program, you’ll be asked to pre-order Winter One, and also be sent free a Beta Unit for early testing. You will be working with us to test your build in the system, in order to make sure that there are no glaring issues before launch.

What you are given:

  • An exclusive pre-order discount on the production version of Winter One!

  • Early access to a Winter One Beta Unit in which you can test your build.

  • Direct Communication and Feedback with the creator of Winter One

  • A sneak peek at future projects by Winter Design Co.


What is expected:

  • Build a PC in the Beta Unit for Winter One

  • Provide a build video and build feedback to Winter Design Co (any issues encountered, any problems with the user manual, etc)

  • Provide thermal and noise testing data, as well as part compatibility issues you encounter (did something not fit?, Was a part running hotter than expected?)

  • Post photos of your build and submit a pre-launch review of Winter One.

  • Do not use the Winter One Beta parts for any commercial purposes, or allow others to access the Winter One Beta Parts. (do not sell them to others, or use them to produce a clone of the case)


Conditions of this contract:

  • The Beta Program is a contract between you and Winter Design Co, that will apply if you are selected to participate in the Beta. To receive your retail unit of the case, you must fulfill the expectations outlined above.

  • Submitting an Application for the Beta Program, and receiving a Winter One Beta Unit will be considered an acceptance of these terms, and this contract.

  • This is not a contest/giveaway. Applicants will be chosen on the merits of their application and the build they have planned for Winter One.

  • Individuals selected for the Beta Program will be required to pre-order the production version of Winter One at the Beta discount price in order to receive a Beta Unit. This is to ensure that everyone is aligned/incentivized to fixing any issues with Winter One before launch.

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