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December 2022 Update

Hello everyone, as we discussed in the Discord Q&A, we are moving forward with the plan to refund customers. Late last week, we received the confirmation for a loan that Winter Design will use to provide refunds.

Who will be receiving a 100% refund?

  • People that purchased items on our Wix webstore online

  • People that paid for spots from original Wix webstore customers—aka Wix transfers

  • Beta testers who paid for beta products

When will refunds happen?

  • We plan to begin issuing refunds in the week of December 18. Our goal is to complete all refunds by December 31.

  • Refunds will start in 2 weeks (as opposed to now) because:

  • It is much easier to track and organize all of the refunds at the same time

  • We have received confirmation for the loan, but will not have all of the funds in our account for 1-2 weeks

And that's all the updates for today. We plan to post another quick update on December 18 to let you all know to expect incoming refunds.


The Winter Design team

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