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July 2022 Update

New Spine

After a few iterations of the 3D printed spine changes, we’re not happy with how it turned out. The redesign was not at a point that we felt comfortable sending it to production, so we will be proceeding with the original machined design that we planned to use for Batch 2.

Production Status

We’ve produced many of the laser cut parts for B2 and we have some of the internal machined parts completed (e.g. central spine, switch holders, washers). We also have all of the packaging ready (this added a significant delay to Batch 1). We expect the B2 timeline to be shorter because the final items for B2 are only the remaining CNC and laser cut parts.


  • Jul: We are currently submitting new quotes for the remaining parts. Our new goal is to finalize our production orders by the end of the month.

  • Aug/Sep: Production lead times will be 1-2 months--assuming no delays on the manufacturer’s side. These months will be spent prepping for shipments with tasks like sorting screws and soldering switches.

  • Oct: Part cleaning and QC can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how the manufacturer chooses to ship parts to us. Shipping would begin immediately after packing the QC’d parts.

Future Updates

Moving forward, we are committing to a monthly update format. Updates will be posted on the website on the first Sunday of each month. We will drop an announcement in the Discord when each update goes live.

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