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Kickstarter Update #10

Hello everyone.

I have unfortunate news. Circumstances around our supply chain forced us to delay the shipping date on Winter One to the second week of March. I know this is a disappointing announcement. It stings to hear that there's another delay. I feel like I've let all of you down. As always, I'm going into detail about the circumstances around this delay, and what we’ve done to address the underlying problem.

The Delay

What Went Wrong: Our packaging supplier has not delivered.

This was the supplier we had chosen to replace the first packaging supplier that cancelled on us (one of the causes for the last delay). They were supposed to send us our order this week. We have not heard anything from them. We *need* those foam inserts to protect the case parts in transit.

Addressing the Problem:

This week, we worked with 3 different suppliers to make foam inserts for Winter One. What we thought would be a simple part of our supply chain turned into a repeated source of delay. To ensure this problem does not crop up again, we will negotiate a long-term contract with one of the new packaging suppliers.

Why Go Through All This Trouble?

We want to reduce delays on all future batches. The creation and pruning of a supply chain is a painstaking process. Each problem we resolve now is less likely to recur in a future batch. While proper solutions with redundancy take more time to put in place, they cost less time in the future. Choosing a single packaging supplier after the first delay was an error in judgement. I will not be repeating this mistake.

The Good:

Final Corrections

I spoke to our manufacturing partner on Monday, and went over detailed feedback from early production. We even had a video call where I showed them each issue that came up during the build on preproduction parts. We outlined what needed to happen in order to correct the kerning issue on the rear panel engraving, and further detailed acceptable surface finishes.

Full Production Start

Yesterday, our manufacturing partner informed me that corrections had been applied to the production process. On Monday, Full Production of Batch 1 / Black will start!

Batch 2 / Silver

I wanted to take a moment to address those of you who opted for Silver directly. You have all been waiting patiently for your cases. Batch 2’s turnaround will be much swifter than Batch 1, due to measures taken:

I have included internal components from Batch 2 in the Batch 1 / Black Production Run. This allows us to speed up turnaround time for those of you in Batch 2 who placed an order through Kickstarter. (Remember, all interior parts for Winter One are matte black. This optimization is a direct result of that decision!

Additionally, with the 3 new foam orders we placed, we will have more than enough packaging and stock parts on hand to cover Batch 2 orders placed through Kickstarter.

The last step on Kickstarter Batch 2 orders is producing the Matte Silver exterior panels and parts. This process will begin when our production facilities have completed the Matte Black production run.

The Next Few Weeks

We are on the last few steps before shipping Batch 1. Over the next 5 weeks, I have a few things planned in addition to the updates on manufacturing, and packaging. We’ll be releasing a new build video, the completed user manual, new CFD data, and thermal / noise testing, as well as another round of Q&A.

To see all images from this post, visit the Kickstarter.

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