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Kickstarter Update #14


General Updates

  • First shipment of parts arrived on Thursday (undergoing QC)

  • Second shipment of parts is on the way (est. Monday)

  • Packaging shipment is in transit


Q1: Could you provide some dimensions referencing the pump bracket to the center spine? This is actually kind of a big deal I hadn't considered.

For example, will the "body" of the EK XRES REVO D5 fit under the spine at around 60mm from the center of the bracket?

A1: The Dimension from the inside of Side Panel, to back of power supply is 87mm.

If the bracket is mounted parallel to the Front Panel, from the *middle* of the pump Bracket, to the top of the edge of that pump, is ~ 56mm.

If the bracket is mounted perpendicular to the front Panel (above the lower radiators), then you have 70mm from the stop of the pump bracket to the bottom of the spine.

Q2: Can I use a Glacier 160 with DDC pump?

A2: Yes, you can! Have the inlet/outlet ports at the bottom of the RES face the power cable/riser cable area *under* the GPU and use a shorter GPU/water block, or place it to the *side* of the water block.

Q3: Is the horizontal layout from v8 still a supported feature?

A3: This feature had to be removed to increase internal volume and support the 3090. The limitations of machining long, thin geometries made the sliding side panels difficult to implement. Our solutions to these issues resulted in a removal of support for the horizontal configuration to get rid of parts of these thin channels that were warping and causing sliding issues. Thus, the horizontal configuration is no longer supported.

Q4: Will we get a Front Panel with ports?

A4: In the early days of designing the case, our surveys showed the majority of people didn’t want it. There may be space below the power button, but it will interfere with pump compatibility. Either way, we are exploring options for how we may implement a USB-C port into the front, especially since we've had more people request the feature recently.

Q5: Is the Power Supply Extender 230V / 240V? Or it is 120 Only?

A5: The power supply extender is rated for 110-240V and up to 10A sustained current, allowing for a minimum of 1100W - more than any SFX power supply will draw.

Q6: How much weight can the pump bracket hold?

A6: We ran FEA on the pump bracket and tested up to 3kg. Based on these studies, the pump bracket can safely hold 2 kg (4.4 lb)

Q7: If I have Solid Side Panels, Can I still use a 3-slot 3090?

A7: This is possible to do. Although not recommended, as 2-slot graphics cards have a much easier time drawing air, there is enough space that this arrangement will be okay, provided you do not overclock your card.

Correction for water cooling temps from last update

The data in Update 13 was not comparable and should be disregarded!

In Update 13, we made a mistake with the reported data for thermal performance tests between solid and vented side panels. The perf panel workload was gaming while the solid panels were tasked with OCCT's thermal stress test.

Source of the Error:

During the data migration that happened a few months back, folders sitting in different sources were merged. Data was mislabeled and mixed up during the merge.

How the error was found and corrected:

I went back through Beta Test data, and submission forms to verify the context of each file, and then compared downloaded data to existing data and file names.

Corrected Thermal Data

Test Conditions:

CPU: 3900X (stock)

GPU: 2080Ti (stock)

Workload: (P95 + FurMark)

Pump Used: MCP50X

Pump RPM: 3000 RPM

Fans Used: NF A12x25

Fans RPM: 1250RPM

Radiator: Magicool G2 Slim 27mm x 240mm

Ambient Air: 24ºC

Chassis: Winter One v10 Beta Unit

Changed Variable: Solid vs Perf Panels

Solid (Bottom Intake / Top Exhaust)

CPU: 81ºC

GPU: 56ºC

Noise: 43dBA

Water Temp 46C

Exhaust Air: 46ºC

Perforated (Side Intake / B+T Exhaust)

CPU: 76ºC

GPU: 53ºC

Noise: 47dBA

Water Temp: 43ºC

Difference (∆)

CPU ∆: 5ºC

GPU ∆: 3ºC

Noise ∆: 4dBA

Water Temp ∆: 3ºC

I wanted to contextualize these results:

FurMark and Prime95 are thermal torture tests that run hotter than typical workloads. Additionally, these were beta version (V10) cases with *less* space for radiators. Slim 27mm radiators were used.

In the Winter One v12, full-height GTS 240's or GTS 280's will increase the thermal performance of this case. Normal workloads generate less heat than Prime95 and FurMark. Most importantly, The above data is valid and comparable between the two sets of panels. That’s the thermal and noise difference you can expect.

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