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Kickstarter Update #16

Quick Updates

  • Over the last week, we QC’d 887 parts

  • Packaging foam arrived today; it looks excellent, but I want to keep the unboxing a surprise

  • We are expecting another shipment of parts tomorrow

  • Additionally, the second-to-last shipment of parts is arriving later this week or early next week, which means we can start shipping cases.

  • The final shipment of parts contains remakes of QC rejects, and its arrival (most likely late next week) will allow us to finish shipping out Batch 1

  • Rev 7 of the User Manual is now more readable and contains cable lengths!

QC and Part Shipments details

All 2592 parts currently in our possession have passed QC3. Currently, we have 2,592 out of 3,085 parts. This is 84% of the amount that we need to ship cases. 144 parts are scheduled for delivery tomorrow, which will bring the total number of parts up to 2,736 out of 3,085, roughly 89% of what we need to ship cases.

An additional 282 parts are on the way to be delivered later this week or early next week (awaiting tracking information). This will bring our total up to 3,018 / 3,085. 98% of parts needed, at which point we can start shipping cases!

As soon as we are able, we will begin shipping cases in the order of backer number. We expect to receive a final shipment containing the remaining 67 parts (QC remakes) late next week, at which point we will be able to ship out any remaining cases in Batch 1.

User Manual Update

Winter One Manual v12 Rev 7 is now live. Notable changes include:

  • An improved font for better readability

  • A table of cable lengths for those of you making custom cables (note: these are taken from the *center* of each cable)

  • Added a water cooling loop guide, including guidance on setting up countercurrent flow for solid panels.

  • Revised the Air Cooling fan curve for less noise with no performance loss

  • Added Warranty Information - All Winter One cases come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty

  • Minor spelling / grammar fixes

  • That's all for now. Fingers crossed for the last 2 shipments!!!

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