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Kickstarter Update #18

Quick Summary

  • 26 Batch 1 cases have shipped. Some people are getting cases as early as tomorrow!

  • Another Shipment of Side Panels arrived today.

  • We ran into issues with pre-paid VAT, and cannot offer it at this time. We’ll be working on integrating it into our system in the future, but it's currently causing havoc in our invoicing system.

  • Revision 8 of the user manual is now out.

Batch 1 Shipments

  • If your case has shipped, will have gotten a receipt via email, that contains tracking information, as well as any notes, your case serial number, and the list of options you used.

  • Please be careful removing the power button from the packaging. (don’t yank it by the cord, pull the button out directly by the body / switch).

  • We’d love to see your impressions / live reactions as you unbox your cases :) please send them our way!

  • For your safety, everyone who packed cases tested negative for COVID within the last week (PCR tests). Additionally, parts were cleaned with isopropyl and everyone was masked during the packing process.

QC Update

  • 2920 / 3085 parts have arrived. (95% completion!)

  • A Shipment of side panels just arrived today. They will be QC'd and we will pack and ship additional cases this week.

Website Update

  • We’ll be updating the website with a community page soon, where we will be sharing some of your builds.

  • Please send in pictures / videos if you’d like to be featured there!

  • We made more progress on Stripe integration to prepare for Batch 2.

There may be a little bit of downtime this week, as we update systems in the background, but we'll try to keep the site up as much as possible, so access to the manual isn't interrupted.

Manual Updates

  • More updates and clarity on cord length for custom cabling

  • More tool tips added to clarify parts of the manual

  • Manual is finished, save for small corrections we may apply in the future

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