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Kickstarter Update #19

Hello Everyone!

We’re in the middle of our busiest week ever, so apologies for the late update. We’ve got a good bit to talk about, so let’s get into it!

Quick Summary

  • 33 cases ship later this week

  • More parts arrived Tuesday (awaiting QC)

  • 23 cases ship next week

  • more parts arrive next week, and the remainder of Batch 1 should be en route in 2 weeks time.

  • There was an issue with some motherboards and the standoffs A fix has been created. Fixes are being sent with all new case shipments, and given to anyone from shipment 1 that requests them

  • Website 2.0 is nearly complete (expect a switchover in 1-2 days!), and with it, Batch 2 countdown begins!

Standoff Issue

The Issue:

We’ve noticed that a few motherboards may slip onto the standoffs, rather than sitting directly on top of them, causing a misalignment of the I/O bracket with the rear panel.


The mITX spec lists 4mm as the correct spec for mounting hole size on motherboards, and we used a 4.2mm standoff diameter, to maximize backplate compatibility, as Backplates have gotten larger on motherboards.

However, at the extreme edges of both tolerances, there's a chance that the motherboard hole is wide enough that the standoff can poke all the way through, causing a misalignment of the rear I/O. This issue did not surface in any of the Beta Testing units, and we were unaware of it until after the first set of cases had shipped.

Nylon Spacer Fix

For cases that have shipped

We're sending anyone who has this problem a set of height-matched Nylon spacers that fit around the standoffs, allowing the motherboard to sit at the correct height on the standoffs.

For cases that haven't shipped:

We're going to be including them in the pack of screws / fasteners that come inside the box. Most people won’t need them, but if you do they’ll be within reach. This issue affects Batches 1 & 2 of the Kickstarter, as all central spines for existing orders have been manufactured.

What if I encounter it later?

For those of you in the first shipment, if you don’t have the issue right now, but encounter it in the future, contact our support email and we’ll get you the spacers.

Permanent Fix

In future batches of Winter One, we will be widening the standoffs to 5-6 mm OD in order to permanently correct this issue.

To see all images from this post, visit the Kickstarter.

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