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Kickstarter Update #20

General Updates

  • All cases shipping now have nylon spacers included

  • Keep an eye out for shipment reciepts

  • More Batch 1 cases should ship later this week, catching us up to our schedule of shipping Batch 1, after last week’s delays.

Batch 2 Production Delays

Batch 2 delays are unavoidable until metal prices fall. Currently aluminum prices are 240% higher than they were 6 months ago. At this time it is not profitable to produce Batch 2. Production will need to be pushed to later this year. Around 100-125 cases is our MOQ for something like Winter One. Batch 2 still needs 60-70 more orders to make it work.

Batch 2 Online Orders & Price Changes

Winter One Batch #2 went on sale on our website last weekend. We priced the cases for producing Batch 2 as soon as possible, which took into account the current aluminum prices. Aluminum costs considerably more than it did 6 months ago due to production shortages. At the same time, selling part of Batch 2 online is necessary to achieve the MOQ’s required to produce all of Batch 2. However, people felt the price was too high.

Pushing back production of Batch 2 will allow us to lower online order prices to $379 (the original intended price of Winter One) effective immediately. This will help us hit the MOQ's that we need. As a result of the price change, the case will need to go into production later this year when metal prices fall. At current metal prices, we would lose around $8-13K if we went ahead with Batch 2 production.

Note: To anyone who ordered Batch 2 on our website before the price drop, You will be refunded for the difference in the coming days. This will be done automatically, for all online orders.

Linus Tech Tips builds in Winter One

I sent Linus a case to try a build in. Here's how it went:

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