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Kickstarter Update #21

General Updates

  • 24 Batch 1 cases shipped this week.

  • 9 more Batch 1 cases are going out on Monday

  • We’re waiting on a shipment of Front Panels that didn’t arrive as scheduled. It’s the main barrier in shipping out more cases.

  • Total Batch 1 fulfillment (including cases that that are en-route) is now at 79%

Batch 2 information

  • We’ve had a few backers reach out about their silver cases, and it appears that there is some confusion about Batch 2. Batch 2 includes Kickstarter Silver Orders + Batch 2 Website orders.

  • The production of parts that overlapped with Batch 1 Black was completed for both sets of Kickstarter orders. However, silver exterior parts have not been produced yet, as we need to hit minimum order quantities to hit price targets for production.

  • We’re continuing to take Batch 2 orders on our website, in order to hit the MOQ we need in to complete Batch 2 production.

Kickstarter Batch 2 Gen 4 Riser Upgrade

Those of you who are part of Batch 2 Kickstarter, and would like to upgrade to a certified Gen 4.0 Riser Cable can do for $31. Please follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. Message me on Kickstarter about a Gen 4 Cable upgrade.

  2. I will send you a PayPal link.

  3. Once paid, I’ll put you down for the 4.0 riser, and you’ll receive it with the case.

The deadline for this upgrade is June 15th, since we’ll need enough time to source these parts.

Note: Gen 4 Risers will not be available until later this year, and therefore, this upgrade is not being offered to Kickstarter Batch 1 at this time.

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