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Kickstarter Update #22

Hello, everyone. Sorry this update ended up taking a bit longer than planned because we were in the middle of an incredibly busy week.

A Missing Shipment!?

  • The last shipment did not arrive this week as we were expecting. It was lost in transit, and we’re working with our manufacturing partner to figure out what went wrong.

  • This is delaying the shipment of the last 20 cases in Batch 1

  • We are working closely with our supply chain to find a solution. Worst case scenario, we’ll re-run the missing parts.

  • The timeline for this delay is not known yet, but we’ll keep you updated as much as possible.

Solid vs Perforated Panels - Benchmarked in an Air Cooled Case

  • A few of you reached out to us asking about solid vs perforated panel benchmarks for an air cooled build.

  • Below are the benchmarks we ran in-house at stock and PBO / GPU OC settings.

  • These are directly comparable to other benchmarks we’ve released in the past.

An Upcoming Review...

  • The Review Unit has shipped to Optimum Tech!

  • Expect a review in the next few weeks (can’t speak for OT’s schedule)

  • To ensure the store stays up after the review goes live, we’re extending the deadline of Batch 2 orders to June 14th

PCIE 4.0 Riser Upgrades

  • Those of you who’ve sent in a request for a Riser Upgrade, I should have responded to all of them by now.

  • The deadline for this upgrade has been extended to June 14th to reflect the changes to Batch 2 online orders.

Batch 2 Information

We’re very close to exceeding the MOQ on Batch 2

  • Metal Prices Peaked a few weeks ago, and are now dropping

  • Batch 2 production planning will commence shortly after orders close!


That's all for now. We'll continue to keep everyone posted as regularly as possible.

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