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Kickstarter Update #23

The Missing Shipment

We did a full inventory, found which part quantities were missing, and used that to identify exactly which shipment was missing. Our manufacturing partners have filed claims with the shipping carrier. At the same time, we're not going to wait for the claims process (it can take a while) and have decided on re-running the missing parts alongside the last batch of QC rejects. There are 20 cases left to ship in Batch 1. To those of you waiting, thank you for being understanding while we work to resolve this. I'll update with timelines as soon as I hear back from our manufacturing partners.

User Manual Update

Revision 9 of the user manual comes with minor updates to the early sections and a considerable number of tips added to the water-cooling section, based on feedback we’ve received. The water-cooling instructions are improving, but still require more work.

Please keep that feedback coming. The tips provided were sourced from the community Discord, and should help make building a loop in Winter One easier.

The user manual can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the card that came with your case, or by clicking this link.

First Winter One Mods Posted

While others in the "Mod Lab" section of the Discord have been experimenting and coming up with some great ideas, I decided to go ahead and release 2 mods that I'd promised in one of the earlier updates.

Both mods can be downloaded or printed from the Winter Design Thingiverse Group. If you've created a few of your own mods, consider sharing them there, as well. We want to support and encourage modding of the case.

  • Single Drive Mount - a pair of 3D printed brackets for attaching a single 2.5" drive to your case (the Drive Cage supports 4 drives, but not everyone needs that). Not Compatible with the Pump Bracket.

  • Power Cable Shift - A 3D printed insert that shifts the power cable placement in the rear panel, moving the cord out of the way of the bottom radiators. It leaves the bulky part of the connecter hanging out the back, to provide more clearance inside the case.

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