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Kickstarter Update #24

Batch 1 Updates

  • Missing parts are in production!

  • Production is expected to be complete and parts should leave the factories by June 24th.

  • It will take about a 7-14 days to get them stateside, through customs, and through Final QC

  • We’ll be aiming to finish up Batch 1, with remaining Batch 1 orders shipping in the first week of July!

Batch 2 Updates

  • Batch 2 orders have reached the Minimum Order Quantity!

  • Batch 2 deadline will be extended to June 30th to coincide with the Optimum Tech review. This is the last deadline shift we will see for Batch 2.

  • A limited number of Batch 2 orders will be available after the June 30th soft deadline. Once the remaining slots are filled, Batch 2 orders will be closed, with no exceptions.

  • After June 30th, we will begin finalizing production.

  • Batch 2 should ship before the end of this year.

Incoming Review!

Optimum Tech's review of Winter One should go live in the last week of June. Keep an eye out!

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