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Kickstarter Update #3

Hey, everyone! I know we've been quiet about updates for the last few weeks -- we've been focused on getting everything ready for manufacturing, sourcing parts, and more...Read on for more detail! For now we're on target for late December shipments.

Backer Surveys

As of Wednesday, all the backer surveys were completed, which allows us to get a final count for manufacturing.

Shipping Address Changes

If your shipping address is changing, you will be able to make changes until we're ready to ship. I will send out an update setting a final deadline for address changes when we prepare to ship. Until then, you should be able to update your address. If you need to, here's how you can change your shipping address.

1. Log into your Kickstarter account on your computer.

2. Select our project in your list of backed projects.

3. Click on "View Pledge."

4. Click on "Survey" (located between "Reward" and "Messages” tabs).

5. View/Change your address.

Stock Parts

Stock parts that go into Winter One (switches, riser cables, screws, etc) were ordered within days of the Kickstarter's end to avoid holiday-season shipping delays, as these parts have the longest lead times of any components. As of right now, we have received all but one set of stock parts, which is en-route.

We’ve spent the last week conducting tests on the parts to ensure they are up to specification to minimize the chance of issues.

Switch Selection

During our beta testing program, we used Kailh Box Pale Blue switches for the power button. After testing other switches, we have decided to ship production units with Kailh Box Navy switches. Navy switches have a heavier, more tactile feel that we believe will deliver a better user experience.

Note: Our power button design allows for users to change the switch if they'd like. Feel free to swap in a new switch, add LEDs, or use the included keycap to make a mould and pour your own :)

Changes in V12

A vertical component to the central beam has been modified with more tie-down points to improve cable management

Part of the beam which braces the central arms against the front panel has been relocated more centrally

Increased pump clearance under the GPU and to the left of the power supply.

Minor tweaks on all parts to reduce the number of screw variants that need to come with the case

Upgraded screw quality to stainless steel (color matched)

Modified the GPU holding bracket to provide better stability and ventilation to rear-exhaust cards (3090FE and similar)

Validation and Manufacturing

The trickiest thing about setting up manufacturing is ensuring consistency. Consistency minimizes the chances of production errors, bad batches, and delays. However, there is an upfront time-cost to taking this step (about 8-15 days).

We’re currently working with our manufacturing partners on using V12 Validation Prototypes to, set up final QC for the full production run. Using CMM machines to evaluate critical dimensions allows us to automate checking parts for dimensional variances across key areas, making sure they are within tolerance. This gives us the best possible chance of catching any issues at the factory, before parts ship out to us and conversely to you. In a future update we will showcase a build in one of these prototypes, and share that process with you.

As soon as validation is completed, we will kick off production of Batch 1.

Concluding Notes

This was the first update since the Kickstarter campaign ended, mainly because there were a lot of tiny developments that are difficult to talk about until recently. However, you can expect far more frequent updates in the coming weeks, as we finalize validation, and kick off production.

To see all images from this post, visit the Kickstarter.

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