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Kickstarter Update #6

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Apologies for the later-than-expected update. We got caught in the middle of a massive system migration that took much longer to complete than expected. With that out of the way, let’s get on to Winter One updates!

Production Start

All CMM machines are now calibrated and production variances have been dialed in. Early test parts are within tolerance. With this critical step completed, all Winter One parts are now in early production! I am expecting samples of finished parts in the next 2 weeks. Once those samples have been evaluated and cleared, full scale production will commence.

Verification of Materials

We will have a complete answer on metal verification in the next 2 weeks. Early Mass Spec results are looking good. Cleared Lots of stock material are being used for early production. Production with uncleared Lots is not necessary at this time.


If you have any questions about Winter One, ask them in the comments below! In the next update, we will be answering your questions, and having a discussion about case airflow and the user's manual for Winter One.

Winter One v12

Winter One v11’s evaluation was completed last month, and as many of you know, there were some airflow issues that needed to be sorted out. We made the necessary changes and finalized v12 for production some time ago, but in the rush we didn't have time to sit down and talk about v12. Below is a detailed change log, and a few renders for your enjoyment. v12 is the finalized production version of Winter One.

  • Central Spine converted to a single piece of CNC machined aluminum (rather than 2 or 4 separate pieces, as shown with v11); this was done for strength, rigidity, and simplicity, despite the higher part cost

  • Central Spine rectangular slots have been tweaked and repositioned. They now provide more options for mounting an Aquareo Quadro (previously only 2 viable positions existed. Now, 4 positions exist)

  • Standoffs: slight change in standoff length grants 71mmof CPU cooler clearance (+1mm)

  • Top Arm of Central Spine now has a shallow channel to allow GPU air coolers and water blocks with thicker backplates (up to 3.8mm) to mount without compressing the riser cable.

  • Side Panels mounting system was updated with small angled surfaces in areas where sliding panels would catch, lessening the occurrence of this issue.

  • Side Panel and Front Panel channels now have wider tolerances between sliding surfaces.

  • GPU Holding Bracket is now perforated for better airflow from cards that exhaust through the rear of the case, with vents that extend beyond the PCIE slot itself. (3090FE, blower cards, and axial cooler cards with longitudinal fins)

  • GPU Holding Bracket is now externally mounted for ease of use.

  • Front Panel: added 3mm gap behind power supply to relieve high pressure flow zones from pass-through GPU coolers. This improves bottom --> top airflow, as well as all-exhaust airflow using these GPU coolers.

  • 125mm+ SFX-L power supplies now work with Winter One

  • Perforated PCIE Slot Cover to accommodate for 2.5+ slot GPUs that may exhaust out the rear beyond the profile of the GPU's own PCIE bracket. (Applies to some board partner cards that are 2.2-2.7 slots in width).

To see all images from this post, visit the Kickstarter.

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