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Kickstarter Update #7

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a short update, as nothing significant has changed since the last week. Everything is progressing as expected. So, for a change of pace, let's answer your questions. If this segment is something we can add to the end of every update, I'm happy to do so. Let me know in the comments below, if you have any follow-up questions. Let's get to it!


Q1. To confirm it now allows radiators of 312mm length?

A1: That is correct. Radiators up to 312mm in length are supported. This includes the Hardware Labs GTS 280 and Corsair XR5 280. Almost any 240mm radiator will fit, including 240mm AIOs.

Q2. Do you foresee shipping prior to Chinese New Year or would it be safe to assume shipping won't start until February?

A2: We should ship before the Chinese New Year. This particular holiday should not affect our supply chain too much, as the stock parts that do come from China have arrived. The machined parts, and packaging are coming from different countries :)

Q3. What is the height of that DDC+pump top?

A3: This depends on on your build. To better answer this question, and make loop planning easier, I created a few STEP files that give you a 3D view of the volume available to mount a pump. You can download these files Under "Tech Specs" on the Winter One Website. As long as the pump / res combo you’ve chosen fits within the red zone indicated in the STL file, you should be golden.

Q4. Why isn’t Winter One shipping with a PCIE 4.0 Riser?

A4: There aren’t any properly certified PCIE 4.0 risers available right now. Tentative dates for availability are late 2021. There are now a handful of PCIE 4.0 “compatible” risers. However, these do not work reliably with every hardware combination. Paying extra for a 4.0 cable, that doesn't work with your parts would lead to a lot of disappointment. I don't want anyone to feel awful if they pay extra for 4.0 cable, but it doesn't work for your hardware. I also don't want to charge anyone for a cable I cannot guarantee will work with your hardware.

Q5. What is the length of the Winter One Riser Cable?

A5: Winter One’s Riser Cable is 175mm PCIE 3.0 x16 double-reverse cable (minimizes cable bending). It’s sized perfectly to the case. If you use a linear cable, 185mm is recommended.

Q6. The case states max GPU length of 315, is this the absolute max length of the maximum comfortable length?

A6: Yes, 315mm is the absolute maximum GPU length.

Q7. I'm assuming there aren't any clearance issues with tubing coming out of the bottom radiator and the power cable?

A7: Tubing coming from the bottom radiator can be routed on either side of the power cable. For soft tubing, a 90º compression fitting will eliminate the routing problem. For hard tubing, you may need to use 2x90º fittings, or (if using a 140/120/240mm radiator) shift the radiator towards the front.

Q8. I'm wondering what the distance between the bottom right motherboard spine to the front of the case is?

A8: That particular dimension is 125mm.

Q9. Do we know the size of the pump bracket?

A9: The pump bracket itself is 73mm x 40mm. It was designed to allow for the mounting of a wide variety of pumps, in many orientations. It can be attached to any object with 2 threaded screw holes located within a 33 x 63 mm rectangle. (example: if a pump has 2 screws, located 25mm apart, horizontally, the bracket will fit). Or if it has 3 screws in a triangle 20 mm apart, and 12mm high, the bracket will fit at least 2 of them. The Braket Can be Mounted Planar (flat against the front panel) or Perpendicular (Sticking Out), in a total of 4 different positions on the front Panel. This should give you tons of flexibility to mount your almost any pump.

Q10. What Other options are there for modding Winter One?

A10: You can 3D Print any bracket that will mount to the 4 threaded holes in the front panel. These are M3x0.5 threaded holes, located in a square pattern, with center-center dimensions of 44.5mm. Please note: the lower 2 holes are *obstructed* by a 240/280 bottom radiator / fans. The Upper holes are not. Plan your mods accordingly :)

Q11. Does this case support ASUS Crosshair viii impact?

A11: It does not. The Crosshair VIII impact has an 83mm tall Add-In-Card that extends beyond the vertical clearance of 71mm above the socket.

Q12. is it still worth it to go with a standard SFX PSU when SFX-L PSUs offer niceties like fanless operations and higher wattage?

A12: SFX PSU’s allow more space for a pump / res that extends somewhat into the cabling space. SFX-L advantages are the higher power limits and quieter operation.

Q13. I was previously planning on an all exhaust perforated side build with a a single AIO radiator on top. This was mostly since I had a 2.5 slot 2070. I just scored a 3070 FE and was curious if you’d still recommend the same setup?

A13: Yes, the all-exhaust setup with an AIO cooler on top will be the best performing setup for an AIO / GPU combination. Just be sure to flip the power supply so the fan faces the perforated panel. :)

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