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Kickstarter Update #8

Hello Everyone! I hope you're all doing well! This week picked up quite nicely, with the delivery of some production parts from the early run!

Production Parts

The parts I have recieved so far came out looking great. The finish is beautiful, and part quality is great. All the effort that went into manufacturing setup and controls was worth it. This will give you a good idea of the color, texture, and finish of a Matte Black Winter One. We're waiting on the rest of the parts, but they should be arriving shortly. Take a look:

Production stock has been verified. So far, the CMM readouts for early production are looking good and are within tolerance. The resulting parts I've received are beautiful, and finished to spec. Minor issues and corrections have been taken care of.

Winter One Build Instructions

A user manual already exists for Beta Testers. Currently, we are writing an improved one for the launch, after the feedback we received. The Beta manual contained lots of words, and we've decided to make the Final Version more visual. Here's an example of what you can expect:

That's all we have for now. I am excited to show you what's next! See you all at the next update.

To see all images from this post, visit the Kickstarter.

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