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Update #25

The Optimum Tech Review

First, I want to say thank you to Optimum Tech for reviewing Winter One. Below is a list of issues he identified and how we are addressing them.

  1. Side Panel Tolerances We are re-tolerancing the panels for B2. The tolerances were made looser for easier sliding in, but in some cases they're just a bit too loose.

  2. Anodizing Mismatches We had to swap a damaged panel and GPU bracket on the returned LTT review unit with a pre-production panel and bracket. Because these parts were anodized separately in Pre-Production, the anodization did not match.

  3. GPU Mounting We have made design changes to the GPU tab for better GPU mounting.

  4. Rear I/O? This mismatch was caused by an issue with certain motherboards having holes that are out of tolerance with the Standoffs. (I have the same B550i Aorus board in my build). The angled plate on the back causes 1 of the holes to slide onto a standoff, which misaligns the I/O plate by tilting it out of the way. Nylon Washers are included to resolve this issue in all affected units. We previously discussed this issue in Update #19.

  5. Cooling Performance We hope that Ali will consider doing a dual radiator loop in this case, as its true thermal performance will not be revealed until this takes place. However, we understand time constraints and what his viewers ask for takes precedence. For those of you looking for an independent take on the thermal performance in this case, with a dual 280 custom loop, check out Matique's Review on Reddit.

Batch 1 Updates

  • The production run has been completed.

  • Batch 1 parts from the missing shipment are in transit.

  • We’re waiting on the parts to get stateside. Only QC and shipping remain.

To those of you who've been patiently waiting for Batch 1, the missing shipment delayed things more than expected. I'm sorry that happened, as getting anything re-done takes a lot longer due to global supply chain constraints.

Batch 2 Updates

Earlier this year, we responded to the LTT review by lowering the price of Winter One. I understand the case is still out of reach for many. Metal prices are very high right now, leaving us without room to adjust the price further, without a major redesign.

We are still moving forward with Batch 2, delivering later this year. However, as a result of the metal pricing issues, and the lower than expected uptake of the case preventing us from hitting economies of scale needed to offer color varitions and other things, Batch 2 will be the final batch of Winter One.

Additional Batch 2 Parts will be made available (such as extra panels) if you’d like to add them to your order. We've gotten a lot of messages requesting this, and have decided to manage this by opening an accessories section of the store.

What Happens After Batch 2?

After Batch 2, Winter Design will take a hiatus to work on new ideas. In the future, we'll design our cases around lower prices, while still delivering the quality we are known for.

As always, we’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported us. All of your feedback, support, and comments have been awesome, and enabled us to make an incredible SFFPC case.

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