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Update #26

Switching to Bi-Weekly Updates

As things have slowed down a bit, we’re going to be switching to bi-weekly updates. Relaxing the update schedule allows us to spend the time finalizing the remaining B1 shipments, and getting B2 production sorted out.

B1 Updates:

Batch 1's remakes had some QC issues that we are sorting out as we get the remade parts in house. We expect these parts to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures of the incoming parts after QC2. (Please note, these are pre-cleaning) We're awaiting their arrival at this time.

Shipping System Update

For international packages, we have moved from UPS to DHL after some of our users had a poor experience. We take that feedback very seriously and have made the change primarily for customer support reasons.

We will still be using UPS in the United States because their domestic shipping is very good.

B2 Update

We’ve begun quoting for B2 and have started supplier / factory negotiations. We’re going to be balancing timelines and costs as we do this. Once these steps are complete, expect us to have more concrete timelines for Batch 2.

Accessories Update

Once we have supplier pricing negotiated, we’ll be able to list some accessories and extras on the store at prices that are reasonable. Accessory orders will either be rolled in with existing B2 orders or purchased as standalone pieces.

Batch 1 B-Stock

Batch 1 B-stock and spares will be listed after we’ve sorted out all outstanding support tickets and orders.

Batch 2 Extras / B-stock

Batch 2 extras and B-stock will be listed after B2 is delivered, later this year.

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