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Winter Design products should last a decade when treated with care. Winter One is covered with a 10-year limited warranty from the date of shipping. We automatically register you for the warranty at the time of purchase.


Need help? Send us a support request from the Contact Us form.


  • Manufacturing Defects: scratches, dimensional issues outside of tolerances, or finishing issues on the outside facing surfaces of each panel are covered. Anodization marks and other minor defects are allowed on the hidden or interior surfaces of parts within reason. 

  • Shipping Damages: including damaged or lost packages. 

  • Missing Parts: order was incorrectly packaged and a part or accessory is missing.

  • Incorrect Parts: order was incorrectly packaged and a part or accessory is incorrect. 

Not Covered

  • Normal Wear: As products are used, they will normally wear over time.

  • General Abuse: Winter Design products are built to last, but the cosmetic finishes can be damaged if the products are misused or abused.

  • Product misuse:

  • Damage to Non-Case Parts: Winter Design is not responsible for damage to non-case parts. You will need to weigh the risks of water cooling your PC on your own. 

  • Damage from Modifications: Winter Design is not responsible for damages caused by modification including, but not limited to, community mods and personal mods. We do not provide technical support for mods.

  • Scratches from Improper Care: Winter Design products can be wiped down with a moist microfiber cloth. Using chemical cleaners, abrasive materials, and harsh detergents can damage the anodized coating.




Q: Where can I buy Winter Design products?

A: We only sell our products through our online store at


Q: Will there be extras? 

A: If the project is a batch order, there is usually some overage for warranty. However, this is not guaranteed, and many times there will not be any extra cases left after a batch. 


Q: Can I buy a prototype? 

A: No, we keep all prototypes for research and development purposes. 


Q: Can I commission a one-off with custom colorways?

A: 99% of the time, no. However, we may make exceptions if the request is from someone with significant publicity and a positive reputation.


Q: Can I have a review unit?

A: We reserve review units for creators with significant publicity and a positive reputation. Production is heavily constrained, and we cannot give review units to everyone who asks.


Q: Will [insert color you want] be available? 

A: All available colors for a batch will be listed in the configurator for that batch. 


Q: Are the estimated shipping dates guaranteed? 

A: No, they are estimates. Timelines are subject to change. 


Q: Will I pay taxes or duties for international imports?

A: Yes. We comply with international law by marking packages at full value. We will not artificially reduce values for customs. Our shipping quotes do not include VAT or processing fees. You are considered an individual importer for tax purposes.


Q: Can I change my order details such as accessories or panel type? 

A: No, the order details are locked in as we start production based on the exact quantity of orders.

Q: Will the colors be identical to previous batches?

A: Anodization can vary due to dye mixtures, environmental conditions, object size, and material. These factors are too difficult to replicate, so colors will typically have slight variations between batches.


Q: Could you tell me what manufacturers and factories are used to make Winter Design products?

A: No, that is confidential information.


Q: I missed a limited edition preorder or group buy. Can you make an extra one for me?

A: No.

Shipping & Returns

Q: Can I change my shipping address?

A: Yes, as long as we haven't shipped out your case. Please contact us with your order information, and we will work with you to make this change.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns due to the involved manufacturing required.


Q: Could you offer lower shipping rates?

A: Our shipping prices are taken directly from our agreement with various shipping providers and reflect current domestic and global rates.


Q: Could you change the value of the product for customs?

A: No.

Q: What country are we located in?

A: Winter Design is based in South Carolina, United States.



Winter One’s large holes facilitate excellent cooling but may be a hazard for children or pets. If this is a concern, please use solid panels, and keep the system out of reach of pets and children.

Winter Design will not be responsible or liable for any harm that comes from irresponsible use of its products.

Winter Design will not be responsible or liable for damages caused to your computer components from overclocking or liquid cooling. Both have inherent risks, and the user agrees to take the necessary precautions while not holding us accountable.

Winter Design products are designed in the United States and manufactured globally. Manufacturing partners and locations can change as we manage our supply chain.


Contact Us

Please do not submit a request for a review unit.


Thank you for submitting a support request. You should hear back from us within 48 hours.

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